(Ages Teens)

Hip Hop

Learn to Pop, Lock and HIP HOP!


Learn a variety of funky jazz steps, jumps, kicks, turns.



The urban flava is matched

with street jams to create an awesome tap style that is very FUN and definitely addictive!!

fitness, strength and flexibility!
professional experienced teachers!
Be a Superstar!

What we learn!

Every week our Superstarz have the chance to learn Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap.

Choose 1, 2 or do all 3 classes!


Improve your fitness, cardio, flexibility and strength with dance!

Become a better dancer!

Hip Hop

Learn the BEST and freshest hip hop styles from around the world!

Learn to Pop, Lock and Hip Hop!


Super dynamic class with loads of energy!

Learn how to kick, split, jump and turn like a Superstar!

Improve your flexibility and strength to improve your body fitness.



Dance to modern tunes and feel the beat with your feet!

COST: Choose 1 Superstarz class - $150 Term

           Choose 2 - $230 Term

           Choose all 3 - $25.00 per week.

Be a Superstar!


Hip Hop  Jazz  Tap


the excitement of learning fresh, new modern steps


awesome new friendships with your dance mates

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.