Up to $300 credit per year for parents
using your vouchers!

We are an Official Provider for ACTIVE and CREATIVE Kids vouchers!

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Paid Trial Class:

You can choose to do one paid Trial class - (subject to vacancies)

Princess - $22

Girlstarz - $25

Superstarz - $25

Contemporary Ballet Starz - $15 or $10 if you are enrolled in another class

Breakdancing/Hip Hop - $15

Apply here: www.breakawaydancers.com.au/enrol


Enrolment Fee Family Deal: due after your Trial class if you wish to continue.

$ 30.00 per family / year.


Contact Breakaway to pay Ph: 0412 291 704

Fortnightly Instalment Payment Option*:

This option lets you pay your Class Term Fee off in fortnightly instalments.

All absent classes must be paid for.

*Only available for some classes - see below.

Princess - $44.00 instalment / fortnight

Girlstarz - $50.00 instalment / fortnight

Superstarz (who do all 3 Superstarz classes) - $50 instalment / fortnight.

Breakdancing is a Term Only Option (no fortnightly option)

Contemporary Ballet Starz is a Term Only Option (no fortnightly option)

Xtreme Dance Team is a Term Only Option (no fortnightly option)

Term Fee Option:

Term Fees are due in the first 2 weeks of Term. All Term Fees are non-refundable.

Term lengths and costs are typically 10 weeks in length but can vary slightly.

Classes that have the Term Fee option are:

Princess -  $220 Term

Girlstarz - $250 Term

Superstarz classes -

choose 1  $150 Term - (no Fortnightly payment option).

choose 2  $230 Term - (no Fortnightly payment option).

choose 3  $250 Term


NEW! Contemporary Ballet Starz - (no Fortnightly payment option)

Standalone price $150 Term

"Add On" special class price $100 Term (save $50) - same student must be enrolled in another class.


Breakdancing/Hip Hop  $150 Term - (no Fortnightly payment option).

Xtreme Dance Team Term fee only - (no Fortnightly payment option).

Students tuition will be cancelled if Fees are not paid within a reasonable timeframe.


Step 1. Complete the Online Enrolment form

Class sizes are limited due to Covid restrictions.

Step 2. Secure your spot - Pay your Family Enrolment Fee $30.00

Call us to pay over the phone by card 0412 291704 or submit your ACTIVE or CREATIVE Kids vouchers online through here.



Studio Conduct

All students and parents must conduct themselves in a friendly and acceptable manner at all times at class. Abusive behaviour, bullying, threats are never tolerated, we aim to create a welcoming, encouraging environment that is safe for all students, teachers and parents. Any student or parent with unacceptable behaviour will be cancelled.

Our Professional Teachers all have Working With Children Checks to ensure a safe dance space for students.

Cancellation Policy:

Breakaway must be advised of any cancellation in writing or email.

Two weeks notice is required for any cancellation.