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(Ages 3 - 6yrs)





Cost: $22.00 per week
Class Time: 45 minutes
(Cost $22.00-Subject to vacancies)
Perfect class for your little dancer!

Fun creative and energetic.                       

Discover beautiful Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance every week!
Learn correct dance techniques for a variety of fun dance styles.
Wonderful stepping stone for big school.
Excellent start for their journey to independence.
Best professional and experienced teacher.

What we learn!

Every week your little dancer will learn Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance!

We also discover the magic of Music, Drama and Improvisation to help bring out the creative and confident star in every little soul!

Specially designed to have a wide variety of styles and experiences that makes it much more engaging and enriching for the little dancer!

Creative, fun and inspiring for our little dancers to help nurture every child's love for dance! An excellent foundation for learning and developing correct dance techniques.

A wonderful stepping stone for “big school” as each princess starts their journey to independence and learning and improve their listening and concentration skills.


Learn how to be a beautiful ballerina in a magical FUN and CREATIVE way!

Start your magical journey of ballet learning correct classical technique with interesting, colourful exercises with a touch of drama and improvisation.



Groove, stretch, jump and jive with lots of ENERGY!

Improve important and fundamental gross motor skills and co-ordination during the early growing years.

Keep the little body limber and supple with basic Acrobatics while also building strength.



Discover the fun of learning to Tap dance! Make sounds and beats with your feet!

Professional Experienced Teacher: Shelley Heathcote (25 years experience)
Cost: $22.00 per week
Class Time: 45 minutes

Perfect class for your little Princess!


Ballet  Jazz  Tap


magic of music and drama!


beautiful friendships in dance class!

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