(Ages 7 - 11yrs)


*Jazz/Hip Hop


*TikTok dance (age appropriate)


Cost: $25.00 per week
Class Time: 90 minutes
Add Contemporary Ballet Starz class for only $10.00 per week!
popular for kids 7 - 11yrs.

high energy class!

Learn 4 dance styles every week:
Jazz/Hip Hop
TikTok dance (age appropriate)

new awesome dance friends!

fitness, strength and flexibility!

professional and experienced teachers!

an amazing dance star!

What we learn!

Every week our Girlstarz learn Jazz/Hip Hop, Acrobatics, a fun TikTok dance and Street Tap. Become a better dancer with so much variety!


A high energy and dynamic class designed to excite and motivate kids!

A fun and encouraging atmosphere develops better dancers to achieve correct dance techniques.

Become a Better all round dancer and create some awesome dance friendships along the way!


Hip Hop

Be the coolest kid on the dancefloor and learn the best and freshest dance moves!

Learn the latest Hip Hop steps and combinations and develop you own unique style!

Modern Jazz / Acrobatics

Learn how to kick, split, jump and turn like a dancestar!

Improve your flexibility with some dance Acrobatics and Gymnastics.

Increase your strength to improve your body fitness.

Kids TikTok dance

Learn a fun Tiktok dance every week! Routines and choreography are age appropriate.


Street Tap

Develop better musicality, rhythm and timing and have lots of fun making noise!

Dance to modern tunes and feel the beat with your feet!

Add Contemporary Ballet Starz class for only $10.00 per week!

Professional Experienced Teacher: Shelley Heathcote (25 years experience)
Cost: $25.00 per week
Class Time: 90 minutes

Be a Girlstar!


Jazz/Hip Hop  TikTok  Tap  Acrobatics


the excitement of learning fresh, new modern steps


awesome new friendships with your dance mates

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