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2017 Breakaway Dancers

Modern Ballet


(6yrs and over)

Discover the beautiful performing art of classical ballet.

Express yourself through the freedom of Modern Dance with Contemporary and Expressive styles.

Give yourself the chance to dance!


Improve your dance technique through ballet class.


Become a better dancer!

professional experienced teachers!

What we learn

Our Modern Ballet class is an innovative concept in the world of ballet training.

Students will discover and learn to love the art of classical ballet and modern dance through an interesting and inspiring program designed by Breakaway Dancers.

The first half of the class we study correct classical ballet technique and steps.

We then move on to Modern dance which is a much more free-flowing style and lets the dancer have greater self-expression through the movement of the body. Learn Modern Contemporary and Expressive steps and choreography.

Want to be a better dancer?

Doing a ballet class every week as well as your normal class, greatly improves your dance technique making you much stronger, more flexible and able to master harder dance steps.

Even many professional athletes take ballet class to improve their fitness and core strength!

Modern Ballet/Contemporary classes are closed classes for the safety and security of all students and teachers. Breakaway Dancers take the security of their students very seriously, all teachers have current Working With Children Checks.

Professional Experienced Teacher: Shelley Heathcote (25 years experience)
Class Locations:
Speers Point - Tuesdays
Class Time: 45 minutes
7.45pm - 7.30pm
Class Cost: $15.00 / week - payable by the Term upfront.
Fees Policy:
All Fees are non-refundable.
Term Fee payable upfront.
No casual/drop in classes.







What to wear

Is it your first time?
Beginners and first-timers just wear anything for your first class that you can move in:
e.g. t-shirt, shorts or leggings, socks on your feet.
After your first class you can then purchase your dance uniform and dance shoes.
Black leotard with black short ballet skirt, ballet stockings or socks.
Hair- to be in bun
Dance shoes
Breakaway do not sell dance shoes.
You will need to organise your own.
Ballet shoes - Skin coloured leather ballet shoes with elastic across top of foot.
Ballet 1
Ballet 2
Ballet 3
Ballet 5
Ballet 6
Ballet 4
Ballet 1
Ballet 2
Ballet 3
Ballet 5
Ballet 6
Ballet 4