(Ages 2 - 3yrs)

Parent assisted

What we learn!
Creative fun and colourful dance exercises and steps to help improve basic fundamental motor skills and co-ordination.
Learn beautiful Ballet and energetic Jazz steps to start them on their first Dance journey!
Develop musicality and grow in a Fun, positive and supportive environment.
Learn to follow and remember instructions and work together with your new little dance friends.
Share in the magic of your child's experience!
Professional & Experienced Teacher: Shelley Heathcote (25 years experience)
Class Cost: $16.00 / week. Term Fee payable upfront after your Trial*
Fees Policy:
Term Fee option only.
No weekly repayment option.
No casual/drop in classes.
All Fees are non-refundable.







What to wear
Is it your first time?
Beginners and first-timers just wear anything for your first class that you can move in:
e.g t-shirt, shorts or leggings, joggers on your feet.
After your first class you can then purchase your uniform and dance shoes.
Breakaway Dancers Babysteps Pack - $40.00
Breakaway Babysteps Leotard
Ballet skirt
Breakaway headband.
Dance shoes
Breakaway do not sell dance shoes.
You will need to organise your own.
Ballet shoes - skin coloured leather ballet shoes with elastic across top of foot.
Do not wear fake plastic or material ballet shoes, they are dangerous and slippery.
Parents - just wear any kind of comfortable clothing that you can move in (gym wear, leggings, t-shirt etc). Joggers on feet is best.
You can bring a small yoga/exercise mat if you wish.

Share in the magic of your Dance Journey!


fun dance exercises and steps together!


the magic of dance!


beautiful bonding moments and memories!

Babysteps 1
Babysteps 2
Babysteps 3
Babysteps 4
Babysteps 1
Babysteps 2
Babysteps 3
Babysteps 4

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