(Ages 2 - 3yrs)

Parent assisted

Beautiful bonding Creative Movement class for pre-schoolers and parents!
Parents have the wonderful opportunity to share in the magic of their child's dance journey.
Create special moments and memories together learning in dance class.
Uniquely designed to be a wonderful and FUN introduction to dance!
Give our tiniest dancers confidence, coordination and creativity in a safe, professional environment.
What we learn!
Creative fun and colourful dance exercises and steps to help improve basic fundamental motor skills and co-ordination.
Learn beautiful Ballet and energetic Jazz steps to start them on their first Dance journey!
Develop musicality and grow in a Fun, positive and supportive environment.
Learn to follow and remember instructions and work together with your new little dance friends.
Share in the magic of your child's experience!
Professional & Experienced Teacher: Shelley Heathcote (25 years experience)
Class Cost: $16.00 / week. Term Fee payable upfront after your Trial*
Fees Policy:
Term Fee option only.
No weekly repayment option.
No casual/drop in classes.
All Fees are non-refundable.







What to wear
Is it your first time?
Beginners and first-timers just wear anything for your first class that you can move in:
e.g t-shirt, shorts or leggings, joggers on your feet.
After your first class you can then purchase your uniform and dance shoes.
Breakaway Dancers Babysteps Pack - $40.00
Breakaway Babysteps Leotard
Ballet skirt
Breakaway headband.
Dance shoes
Breakaway do not sell dance shoes.
You will need to organise your own.
Ballet shoes - skin coloured leather ballet shoes with elastic across top of foot.
Do not wear fake plastic or material ballet shoes, they are dangerous and slippery.
Parents - just wear any kind of comfortable clothing that you can move in (gym wear, leggings, t-shirt etc). Joggers on feet is best.
You can bring a small yoga/exercise mat if you wish.

Share in the magic of your Dance Journey!


fun dance exercises and steps together!


the magic of dance!


beautiful bonding moments and memories!

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